June 19th to 26th 2016​ - Trofaiach, Austria
InterAktion brought together 28 youth workers to discuss the topic, learn the good practices from Austira and their countries, get to know new tools for working with young people, and most importantly, to spend time with the group of 30 minor refugees.

Youth workers from Austria, Armenia, Finland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Greece will have the chance to exchange ideas, to get to know the European support schemes, learn how to find data and finances on national level, but also work with the youngsters in order to develop better understanding of the profile of minor refugees, their problems, the habits and their culture, and the best ways to work with them and motivate them to keep learning and engage in the educational system.
August 15th to 24th 2016, Stockschloss Trofaiach, Austria
This project was one of our steps we are taking in building bridges between the local population and the refugees. This YE brought together 5 countries and 48 participants, to discuss the questions of the personal identity, values, stereotypes and general human rights and - most of all -  to build new friendships. The aim wass to make new networks on the local and international level, to break the stereotypes about each other, to break the fear of each other (dangerous refugee vs. hostile local) and to learn about the human rights in a natural, friendly and fun way.
Participants between the ages 16-25 were coming from Austria, Hungary, Poland, Macedonia and Slovenia.
September 18th to 28th 2016, Stockschloss Trofaiach, Austria
To encourage young people to become active and responsible citizens, take part in shaping a more equal and sustainable world and to develop a sense of appreciation of cultural diversity, affirmation of social justice and human rights.

In 10 working days we were addressing the following questions: What are human rights? Are they respected? What can we - as individuals - do to work for human rights, agains xenophobia and discremination?

Whereas the first part of the YE was built on the following pillars: theory – reality – reasons, in the second part focused on being active (as individuals and groups). 30 young and active people, creative minds, were developing actions, initiatives and works of art to address human rights, tolerance, diversity and work against racism.
Participants were intersted, active and creative youngsters between the ages of 16-25 from Greece, Italy, Spain, UK and Austria.
October 21st to 30th 2016, Stockschloss Trofaiach, Austria
A youth exchange bringing participants out of the 4 walls and show them that there is world even beyond the smart phone, tablet or a computer screen. Our aim was to provide our participants with experience in different sports and outdoor activities, where while playing they can experience the team spirit, sense of belonging, make friends and stay in touch with the nature while being present outside most of the time.

Participants from Austria, Finland, Bulgaria and Poland.

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