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July 8th to 15th 2016, Zgornja Korena, Slovenia
July 16th to 23rd, Stockschloss Trofaiach, Austria
The project Living SustainAbility means to learn how to be able to live in a sustainable society. A sustainable society has sustainable energy systems, efficient and environmentally friendly farming techniques and reduced consumption to eliminate waste. As a result, the environment can be preserved for future generations. But not only; a sustainable society is a more tolerant society where every human has equal rights - access to basic needs like nutrition, shelter, education and health care. Moreover, the economic systems are transparent and ethical. But for individuals to be able of contributing and creating more sustainable society, they need to understand the influence of their actions and choices over the nature, the other people and the political/economical system.

As we do not approach topics as isolated subjects (environment, economy, society) but rather holistic, it will enable participants to recognize and understand the interconnected relationships between the economy, society and the environment and the effects that actions in one area have on the other.

During two youth exchanges and based on the principles of non-formal education methods, 30 participants from 6 European countries will be discovering interdependencies between the economic, social and environmental sustainability and setting personal goals for living sustainable lives in Austria and in Slovenia.
August 27th - September 4th Trofaiach, Austria

This project brought together young people from Macedonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Afghanistan and Syria in a small city of Trofaiach in Austria to promote human rights and peace building.


During the project participants discovered that despite the differences in the language, religion and culture, humanity unites them all.

September 18 - 28,  Trofaiach, Austria

The project, “Interventions” brought together 36 young people from Austria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Poland and Portugal to discover together that we can communicate without using verbal communication. During the youth exchange non-verbal language and art have been used as a tool in breaking stereotypes supporting the integration process of the refugees in the local community.

Participants could experience that art is bringing people closer and is opening doors for communication, helping individuals opening up to the world, art offers self-discovery, helps with the self-confidence and  brings new perspectives to the understanding of the world.


December 11 - 17, Trofaiach, Austria

The project “Developing and adapting non-formal education methods to the needs of young refugees" was a six day training course in December 2017 bringing to Austria 33 youth workers from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Lithuania.

The project was based on sharing experience and good practices as well as developing, adapting, practicing and reflecting on workshops that would meet the needs of young refugees. During the training course youth workers were working closely together with a group of unaccompanied minor refugees  when developing the toolkit in order to tailor it to the needs of young refugees (target group).

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