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Meeting Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Shirin Ebadi

Key statements by Shirin Ebadi while meeting us:

Education is the key to empowerment.

Change your life [through education] so you can change your countries. Nothing will change if everybody keeps doing what they always did.

Try to think about the gifts God has given you, and not about the things you do not have. Life is better when you consider the glass half-full. 

Working for human rights allows you to lead a better life, sleep better and have a better conscience.


In human rights there are principles that I believe in with all my heart: that we are all equal, no natter our religion, colour of our skin, country of origin or gender.


Channel your anger into something useful, instead of hurting yourself and others through acts of aggression. For example prayer, sports, art, …

What refugees can do most importantly is to learn and respect the language and culture of their host country, to get an education and later on a job, so they can establish contacts with the locals, find work and help rebuild their countries when the moment is there.


Refugees should respect and accept that the Europeans want to help them, for example by teaching them and providing an education. Accept their values. Respect their laws. Learn the language and the culture. This does not mean you need to loose your own culture, but to respect and accept the host country’s culture. And in the future, give something back.


What the host country can do is treat the refugees with respect and love, allowing them to keep their dignity. If they receive and education and can work, they can become good citizens and give back to Europe.

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