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Re-thinking Sustainability

Re-thinking Sustainability, our first Youth Exchange under the #erasmusplus youth accreditation 2021-2027 took place between the 21st-28th June. We gathered once more in Trofaiach with young people from Austria, Romania, Croatia, Turkey and North Macedonia to discuss about Sustainability, but this time looking at it from different perspectives and with a critical mindset.
Along with exploring the issues in our local environments, we also looked for ideas and solutions that could be implemented right away in the local communities of our participants.

21st-28th June, 2023
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E-valuate Seminar Romania

Between the 13-14th June, we were in Predeal, Romania taking part in the seminar "E-valuate" organized by A4Action which had as a primary objective consolidating the network of partners and evaluating the mobilities they have organized under the Erasmus+ Youth accreditation.

It was a very fruitful meeting for us, getting to know new NGOs from different European countries, and learning more about the Erasmus+ accreditation and different European funding programmes. At the same time, it was a good opportunity to exchange good practices from our daily work in our organizations and get new fresh ideas for improving our work.

We were very happy about this invitation and looking forward to more projects together! 

13th-14th June, 2023
Start Point 3rd Newsletter.png

Start Point - 3rd Newsletter

The 3rd Newsletter of the project Start Point is out and you can find out what we have been working on in the last months.

Y&C LTTA.png


Between the 6-10th of June, we had our Learning, Teaching, Training, Activity that took place in Igdir, Turkey. We gathered youth workers from all the partner organizations and shared good practices about working with young people with fewer opportunities in our countries and how to better involve them in our activities. We also had the chance to explore Igdir by bike and have first-hand experience with the cyclists in this town.

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TPM Milan

We met with the partners of the Erasmus+ Project: Agents for Inclusion in Milan to discuss the progress of the project, plan the next steps in the implementation and set the dates for the next meetings and activities.
The project consists in providing the tools and know-how to people with fewer opportunities (i.e. immigrants, women and long-term unemployed individuals) to learn how to carry out a social project and, through this, to strengthen their skills and competencies to enter into the labour market and to empower them with respect to the rest of the society.
Check out more about the project here:

25th-27th May, 2023
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Learning, teaching, training activity - Pla(i)nVET

During our LTTA (Learning, teaching, training activity) in Örkelljunga, Sweden, we introduced our guide in easy language and exchanged plain language as an instrument for #equalityopportunity and #inclusion. It was a lovely training and meeting!

Soon, we will share with you the final Assessment tool in plain language. Check more about the project here:

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We have launched a new project!! 

The BuddyMigrants project aims to address the barriers faced by newly-arrived third country natonal (TCN) families in the project countries in accessing the social services (access to information, health, education, employment) as well as to contribute to creating inclusive environments that foster social inclusion, equity and equality, and that are responsive to the needs of the wider communities.

19th April 2023
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Start Point TPM Helsinki

We were in Finland, for the 3rd Transnational project meeting of the #Erasmusplus project Start Point. We have evaluated the LTTA, that took place in March in Slovenia and checked on the pending tasks and future activities that we should organize in each of our countries. The Citizenship Learning Toolkit and the Learning Community Programm are finished and are being translated into all the partner languages at the moment.

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ENGAGE - April Newsletter

The last Newsletter of the AMIF project ENGAGE is focusing on the job shadowing experiences of the participants, in each one of the partner countries.

Testimonials of some of the migrant women are included also/ Check it out by clicking on the photo!

LTTA news.png

Start Point LTTA Novo Mesto

In March, our collegues Iulia and Hewa were in Novo Mesto, Slovenia attending the "Community Learning Programm" from the #erasmusplusproject Start Point.

They discussed topics such as Cultural Identity, Intercultural Dialogue, Active Citizenship, and Community action, as well as meeting the participants from Cyprus, Germany, Slovenia, Portugal, and Finland and exchanging ideas and experiences.

In the last session, the participants had to create Vision Boards for the Activities they want to implement with the young adults in their communities back home. You can see some of them on the last slide.

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Pla(i)nVET TPM Bilbao

In January we had a transnational partner meeting of the Erasmus+ Plain VET Project. The meeting was hosted by the amazing Centro Formativo Otxarkoaga - a school providing education from 12 years old to adults, on Secondary Education, First Education for Migrants, Vocational Education and Training, Task Learning Education, Adult Education and other. One of their main goals is to pay attention to people in disadvantaged situations offering integral education and promoting their integration by offering adapted learning paths.

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ENGAGE Ehrenamt

Wir starten voller Engagement ins neue Jahr!

Die ENGAGE Ehrenamtswoche verbindet Frauen mit Fluchterfahrung mit gemeinnützigen Organisationen, Vereinen und auch mit Einzelpersonen, und gibt ihnen die Möglichkeit ehrenamtliche Arbeit in Begleitung unseres Teams hautnah zu erleben. Vereine, Organisationen und Einzelpersonen, die Unterstützung brauchen, können sich bis 23.01.2023 mit diesem Formular anmelden:


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