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Youth Exchange, 27.8.2017 - 4.9.2017

This project brought together young people from Macedonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Afghanistan and Syria in a small city of Trofaiach in Austria to promote human rights and peace building.


During the project participants discovered that despite the differences in the language, religion and culture, humanity unites them all.

The project was entitled “OUR commUNITY ” as a community represents besides the family the basic unit of our societies. We believe that if we are aware of our own role and contribution and we help to foster peace, mutual understanding and tolerance within a community, then peaceful, inclusive and more tolerant societies are possible. 

Based on the concept of a community, participants learned in a playful way about racism, xenophobia, stereotypes, prejudices, acceptance, inclusion, participation and diversity as an opportunity for mutual enrichment. During the youth exchange they were able to create their own communities but also decide in what kind of communities they would like to live and what their contribution can be and will be like in the future. 

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