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Think Global, Eat Local!

Between 3-12th of July we gathered again in Trofaiach, after 22 months to organize the project Think Global, Eat Local! We brought together 32 people from Spain, Greece, Slovenia and Austria to discuss about food systems and how our food choices are influencing the environment.

To better understand the topic they read scientific articles on different topics, made presentations, watched a movie and even had a debate, arguing about the advantages and disadvantages of eating meat.

The participants also had the chance to learn about wild edible plants while going for a walk in the surrounding area with a herbalist and gathered some of them and their usages in a Herbal Anthology. 

During one of the activities they prepared meal plans for a week that include all the nutrients that a person needs. You can find the meal plans below.

The project helped the participants discover that the best way to help the environment is to eat local and seasonal foods.

Screenshot 2021-08-25 203512.jpg.png

The Herbal Anthology is a collection of edible wild plants that can be found all over Europe and that can be used as food or as medicine. Take a closer look by clicking on the photo.

The Meal Plans were made by the participants during one of the workshops. Each group had a different budget per day and had to create nutritious meals for an average person around 20-25 years old.

Click on the photo to download the pdf.

meal plan.jpg

Video made by one of the Spanish participants, Martina Lopez

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