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This project aims to raise awareness of the importance of the European Union among young people, what does it mean and why we need it. In these times when the 4 freedoms on which the whole EU project is based are endangered, the vaccination goes slower and less impressive as planned, economies and jobs are suffering the consequences, it is hard to stay pro-Europe and not fall for the “what has even EU done for us” and “do we even need EU?” stories.


And living in a Union, with 27 countries and 60 indigenous and 24 official languages, is impossible to convey a message and reach a bigger audience. EU does not have a mass media to constantly inform its citizens of what is being done or proper instruments to fight back the Anti-EU propaganda. Most of the information coming from Brussels is interpreted by National media, and in many cases presented as pressure on the country, anti-national politics, and oppression from the EU.


Our goal is to equip the young people involved in this project with knowledge about the EU and its functions, and skills that should enable them to recognize texts with political agendas. Raising awareness about the EU We would like to articulate the idea of the EU to the young people involved in this project, who created it, why is it there, and what it grew to be.


We will focus on the 4 freedoms, changes that EU brought, that improved our lives and made our communities richer and diverse. Learning critical thinking Another goal is to prepare the participants to analyze information carefully and objectively and make a reasonable judgment. 

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