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Traning Course in Austria, 16th - 22nd of June 2018

Youth Exchange in Slovenia, 8th - 16th of July 2018


I am working a lot with volunteers in the sphere of sustainable living. This includes a lot of learning to learn not only for the main target group that we work with but as well for me as a youth worker. The project gave me a good overview of how sustainability can be enhanced as a topic in our daily life and which principles a youth worker should follow in order for her/him to lit the fire of more consciousness society in the young people's mind.

Lyuben, Bulgaria

This project was very successful and exceeded expectations. Participants left with a feeling of success and connectedness, knowing they had learnt new skills and improved both confidence and clarity in the participation of future projects.

Usman, UK

The project was composed of a Training Course and a Youth Exchange. The project was focusing on quality improvements in youth work and enhancing the capacity of youth workers and organisations in their support for young people.

This project helped me understand sustainability in ways that I had never considered before. It helped me to first identify the ways I already contribute towards sustainable methods and approaches to living, both personally and professionally and it also helped me comprehend new techniques for passing this understanding on to others that I work with. I have started planning a series of workshops which I will deliver to students at the university I teach at. By providing space for them to answer questions about their own individual journey, their place in society, their hopes for the future and an analysis of their current situations I hope to help them de-mist their transition for University into the industry of their choice, with confidence and a tool kit for sustainable progression.

Emma, UK

Currently I am studying Civil Engineering so having the experience on the exchange was a perfect opportunity for me to get some hands on work revelent to my course. I found learning how to use materials like sand, earth and straw to make plaster specificly interesting as it’s a more traditional material compared to what we use in today’s construction. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained will definitely applied to my course and to further my work.

Scott, UK

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