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This project brought 76 Europeans to Trofaiach for a Training Course and a Youth Exchange to address participation and activism among young people in the context of European Parliament Elections.

In the core of all our projects is the mission to encourage young people to become active and responsible citizens, take part in shaping a more equal and sustainable world and to develop a sense of appreciation of cultural diversity.

The main objectives of this project were:

- to address negative consequences of lack of political trust;

- to promote participatory decision-making and improve decision - making among young people;

- to build communication skills amongst young people by enhancing their abilities to listen, debate, negotiate and persuade;

- to promote young people as agents for change;

- to build broader support for EU´s programmes and initiatives;

- to encourage young people’s political participation;

- to increase mutual learning through the sharing of information, data and experiences;

- to create increased social capital by building more opportunities for cross-community engagement through active citizenship projects;

- to empower youth workers with participatory methods.

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